The advantages of using spunbond nonwoven production line
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The advantages of using spunbond nonwoven production line

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Once in the production of the greater effect is to play the manual, but manual operation is not only low efficiency, and the cost is also relatively high, following the development of science and technology, more and more new equipment out, machinery and equipment to deal with many of the problems for the manual, production line is also born in this context. Here we give you an analysis of the advantages of using spunbond nonwoven production line.
Spunbond nonwoven production line after years of practical theoretical summary of the planner, the air duct selection common slit type all drafting planning, to ensure that the fiber network laying network uniform, fiber fineness to about 3 denier, the product's longitudinal and transverse strength to reach or exceed the national standard. Equipped with advanced touch screen control automatic tracking, over temperature and over pressure alarm system. The mill selects the direct activity force, hard gear reducer, high stability universal coupling transmission, the bearing selects the oil cooling over-temperature lack of oil alarm system, the roll surface selects the perimeter punching technology to ensure the divergence of the overall temperature. The box planning is advanced, and the fluid distribution is evenly distributed to ensure that the waste products are not filamentous, not parallel filamentous, and no holes, so as to improve the product qualification rate. And spunbond nonwoven production line is also relatively simple to operate, the user is easy to get started.
Following the rapid development of society, modern spunbond nonwoven production line manufacturers on the time and efficiency requirements are increasingly high, the spunbond nonwoven production line is presented not only to improve the efficiency and use is also very convenient, so once put into the market is very popular. And occupy a place in the market. The future demand for spunbond nonwoven production line will be bigger and bigger, and the development of this industry will be better and better.


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