Leili can provide motor-related supporting parts and components, including precision stamping parts, die-casting parts, motor electric control, screw rod and other products. These products can guarantee the performance and reliability of Rayleigh's mechatronic soft integration products. Leili is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency supporting parts to meet the needs of various application scenarios. Whether in industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles or other fields, Leili will provide customers with high-quality motor-related supporting parts and components to help them achieve higher production efficiency and product quality.
Application Fields Of Parts


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Leili owns stamping parts factories, which can provide stamping parts for motor casings and auto parts
Product Application: Motor housing, car cigarette lighter, airbag
Leili Production Plant: Gongli Seiki, Zhongshan Gongli

Die Casting

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Leili's die casting factory focuses on precision casting and processing of aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and zinc alloys
Product Application: Auto parts, industrial automation
Leili Production Plant: Anhui Kestin, Taicang Kesti

Electric Motor Control

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Leili owns a controller company, focusing on the field of small and medium motor drive and control. It has the core algorithm of DC brushless motor, the design ability of analog hybrid hardware circuit and the ability of EMC solution
Product Application: Household appliances, auto parts
Leili Production Plant: Wuxi Leili

Ball Screw Rod

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Leili owns a ball screw company, which focuses on the research and development and manufacture of miniature ball screw sets, planetary roller screw sets, and trapezoidal screw sets.
Product Application: Motor supporting products.
Leili Production Plant: Siris
Address: No. 19 Qianjiatang Road, Wujin District,Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Telephone exchange: 0519-88770606
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