Stepper Motor
Stepper motors, also known as pulse motors, obtain the required rotation angle, speed and direction by controlling the number, frequency and phase sequence of the motor windings. Cooperating with linear motion actuators or gearbox devices, more complex and precise linear motion control requirements can be achieved.
Leili on 30 years of professional technology and experience in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of stepper motors, Leili Motor provides a rich series of stepper motor products to meet the needs of different customers and different applications. As the main drafting unit of the national standard for deceleration permanent magnet stepping motors, Jiangsu Leili is well-known at home and abroad for its high quality and high performance.
Stepper Motor Application Field

Geared Stepper Motor

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Concept Features: The permanent magnet stepped gear motor is a motor that combines a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a reduction mechanism. The main feature is that while maintaining the high-precision positioning characteristics of the permanent magnet motor, the output torque of the motor is increased and the speed is reduced through the reduction mechanism.
Product Use: Air conditioners, refrigerators, smart toilets, auto parts, security monitoring, etc.
Optional: Shaft length, installation size
Leili Production Plant: Jiangsu Leili

PM Stepper Motor

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Concept Features: PM stepper motor is also called permanent magnet stepper motor. The rotation is generated by the magnetic rotor core interacting with the pulsed electromagnetic field generated by the stator. It has the characteristics of simple structure, low noise, and adjustable speed.
Product Use: OA finance, valve control, security monitoring, auto parts, etc.
Optional Accessories: Screw rod
Leili Production Plant: Jiangsu Leili, Jiangsu Dingzhi
Concept Features: The hybrid stepper motor is a stepper motor designed by combining the advantages of permanent magnet and reactive, and has the advantages of high precision, high speed, high torque and low noise.
Product Use: OA finance, valve control, security monitoring, auto parts, etc.
Optional Accessories: Planetary gearbox, screw, hollow shaft, drive
Leili Production Plant: Jiangsu Dingzhi
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