Leili on the technical advantages and customer advantages of participating in collaborative research and development, Leili is committed to developing new motors and intelligent component products in the refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, bathroom and small home appliance markets. At the same time, Leili also focuses on building the technical advantages of products and building technical barriers for new products, so as to provide componentized and electromechanical soft integration products suitable for industrial, medical and other markets. Continuously meet market demand and provide users with more efficient and smarter product experience.
Application Fields Of Components

Appliance Components

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Leili on the accumulated experience in motors in the home appliance market, Leili worked with customers on joint development, and successively launched home appliance component solutions such as air conditioner sweeping, refrigerator ice water system, and washing machine automatic feeding.

Car Components

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Leili aims at the auto parts market. With the advantages of control and motor integration technology, it can provide actuator solutions for automotive related applications and high-end automotive component solutions such as lidar.

Industrial Components

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Leili on the technical advantages of micro-motors in valve control, we provide customers with component solutions such as valve control actuators.

Sports And Fitness Components

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Leili insists on expanding in new fields, and has the ability to provide component solutions for smart furniture and game entertainment products.
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