What Is The Difference between Geared Stepper Motor And Hybrid Stepper Motor?
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What Is The Difference between Geared Stepper Motor And Hybrid Stepper Motor?

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Stepper motors play a key role in many applications, from robots and digitally controlled lathes to 3D printers and automation systems. Among the various existing step motors, step motors and mixed step motors stand out due to their unique functions and applications. In this article, we will delve into the differences between geared stepper motors and hybrid stepper motors to provide a comprehensive understanding of their distinct features and use cases.

Geared Stepper Motors

Geared Stepper Motors

The geared stepper motor produced by our Leili is a stepper motor equipped with a gearbox. The transmission is responsible for slowing the engine down as torque increases. This drive allows precise control of angular displacement, making stepper gearbox motors suitable for applications requiring high torque at low speeds.king step gearbox motors suitable for applications requiring high torque at low speeds.

Here are some main features of Leili’s geared stepper motor for you:

1. High Torque:

Geared stepper motors are famous for their ability to provide high torque.The inclusion of a gearbox allows these motors to multiply the torque generated by the motor itself, making them suitable for applications where high torque is essential.

2.Low Speed Operation:

The gearing system enables geared stepper motors to operate efficiently at lower speeds.This is especially useful in applications where precision and speed are typically required, such as robotics and automation.

3.Reduced Backlash:

The gearbox in geared stepper motors helps in minimizing backlash, which refers to the mechanical play or lost motion. This reduction in backlash ensures greater accuracy in positioning, making geared stepper motors suitable for applications demanding precision.

We recommend that you use Geared stepper motors in these industries:

Geared stepper motors find applications in various industries, including:

l Robotics

l Conveyor Systems

l Precision Motion Control

l Camera Systems

l Medical Devices

Hybrid Stepper Motors

Hybrid Stepper Motors

Hybrid step motors combine the characteristics of permanent magnetism (PM) and variable reluctance (VR) step motors. They offer a balance between the advantages of these two motor types, providing a higher step resolution and better torque performance. The hybrid design contributes to their versatility and widespread use in different applications.

Here are some main features of Leili’s Hybrid step motors  for you:

1.High Step Resolution:

Mixed step motors provide higher step precision compared to other step motors.This results in smoother motion and finer control over the motor's position, making them suitable for applications requiring precision.

2.Improved Torque Performance:

Hybrid designs can improve torque, especially at higher speeds. This makes hybrid stepper motors versatile, as they can handle both low-speed and high-speed applications effectively.


Hybrid stepper motors are renowned for their versatility and find their way into a wide range of applications.Their compatibility with different control systems and their ability to deliver high performance in various scenarios contribute to their popularity.

We recommend that you use Hybrid stepper motors in these industries:

Hybrid stepper motors are widely used in the following applications:

l CNC Machines

l 3D Printers

l Medical Imaging Equipment

l Automation Systems

l Laboratory Instruments

Here are some device differences compared:

Torque vs. Resolution:

1.Geared Stepper Motor:

l Emphasizes high torque output.

l Ideal for applications where torque is critical, and precision is more critical than step resolution.

2.Hybrid Stepper Motor:

l Balances torque and step resolution.

l Suitable for applications demanding both precision and a wide range of speeds.

Speed and Precision:

1.Geared Stepper Motor:

l Thrives in low-speed, high-torque scenarios.

l Ideal for applications where precision at slower speeds is crucial.

2.Hybrid Stepper Motor:

l Offers versatility with a balance of speed and precision.

l Suitable for applications requiring a broad range of speeds and high precision.

Backlash and Smooth Motion:

1.Geared Stepper Motor:

l Reduces backlash, ensuring precise motion.

l Ideal for applications demanding minimal mechanical play.

2.Hybrid Stepper Motor:

l Provides smoother motion and fine control.

l For applications that require stable and accurate movement.

Jiangsu Leili Motor Co., Ltd. (stock code 300660) is a widely influential manufacturer of reduction stepper motors and hybrid stepper motors. Simply selecting based on application requirements while taking into account equipment data such as torque, speed, accuracy, clearance, etc. can help engineers and designers make informed decisions based on specific project requirements.

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