DC Brushed Motor
A brushed DC motor is a rotating electrical machine that converts DC electrical energy into mechanical energy (DC motor) or converts mechanical energy into DC electrical energy (DC generator) with a built-in brush device. The DC brushed motor has the characteristics of quick start, timely braking, smooth speed regulation in a wide range, and relatively simple control circuit.

The brushed DC motors produced by Leili Motor are widely used in small household appliances, smart sanitary ware, auto parts, treadmills and other fields.
Application Fields Of DC Brushed Motor

Micro DC Brush Motor

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Conceptual Features: Micro DC brush motor use permanent magnets as rotors, usually have high power density and torque density, and can provide large output power and torque in a relatively small space. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high torque, low noise, etc.
Product Use: Small household appliances, auto parts, etc.
Optional Accessories: Gear box
Leili Production Plant: Motor Technology

DC Brushed Gear Motor

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Conceptual Features: The brushed part of the DC brushed geared motor includes a steel core rotor and a stator, and the magnetic poles are powered by carbon brushes and electric brushes to generate a magnetic field to make the steel core rotor rotate. The deceleration part can be realized in various ways such as gears, worms, wheels, belts, etc. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient control and high reliability.
Product Use: Household appliances, auto parts, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.
Leili Production Plant: Jiangsu Leili, Motor Technology

Permanent Magnet DC Motor

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Conceptual Features: Permanent magnet DC motor uses permanent magnet material as the magnetic field source, can provide high torque output at low speed, has the advantages of fast response, high efficiency, good stability, etc., and can meet the needs of industrial applications with high precision and high reliability.
Product Use: Industrial control, sports equipment, truck head lift, etc.
Leili Production Plant: Jiangsu Leili, Motor Technology

Series Motor

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Conceptual Features: Series Motor refers to a DC motor in which the magnetic flux of the armature and the magnetic field are connected in series. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and wide speed range.
Product Use: Food cooking machine
Leili Production Plant: Motor Technology
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