Drainage Motor
The drainage motor is mainly composed of a micro synchronous motor, a speed change gear, a traction wire rope and a travel switch. When draining water, the computer board (or program controller) supplies power to the micro synchronous motor of the drainage motor. The steel wire is wound into the rotary drainage motor, the steel wire rope pulls the connecting arm, and the connecting arm pulls the drain valve plug to overcome the elastic force of the valve spring and pulls open to drain water. At the same time, the clutch brake arm is pulled open. Keep it that way. When the drain motor is powered off, the drain valve plug resets under the elastic force of the valve spring to stop draining, and the steel wire of the drain motor is pulled out.
After several iterations of Leili motor drainage motor, the latest QA series drainage motor, the product performance and quality are at the leading level in the industry, and the DC drainage motor series is launched at the same time.
Application Fields Of Drainage Motor

Drainage Motor

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Concept Features: The drainage motor is a device that realizes automatic drainage control in a fully automatic washing machine. It is mainly composed of synchronous motor, transmission system and control system.
Product Use: Pulsator washing machine
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