Four methods you need to know on controlling a stepper motor
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Four methods you need to know on controlling a stepper motor

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A stepper motor has a simple structure and can be speed-regulated over a wide range of frequencies, and its speed is not affected by the size of the load. As a specialist motor supplier, Leili will tell you several stepper motor control methods are described below.

I.Tools / raw materials

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1. Microcontroller control.

A stepper motor is a digital control motor, its drive circuit works according to the control signal, it will pulse the signal into angular displacement, that is, to give a pulse signal, the step motor drive will rotate at an angle, so it is very suitable for microcontroller control. Through the microcontroller, control can be achieved by the pulse distribution to control the phase change sequence, from a given work mode positive sequence phase change power control of the motor (that is, to achieve the motor forward or reverse), by changing the interval between the two pulses to control the speed of the stepper motor and other adjustments. With ordinary 51 microcontrollers like AT89C2051 or STC12C1052 + THB7128 or THB6064, such chips to the combination can be.

2.Stepper motor controllers are easy to use with timing programs such as the TPC4-4TD, using the table settings without programming, you can set the pulse frequency, the number of pulses, and direction control data values, which can be achieved on the step motor drive speed control, position control, length control, timing control and a variety of basic operating functions.

3.The use of high-performance DSP, through the DSP using the bus voltage and motor running current, in the control algorithm to achieve closed-loop control of the stepper motor current, you can achieve accurate control of the step motor drive, but also through the control algorithm to improve the step motor drive in the low-speed vibration and noise. For example, the EZM series stepper drive system of Inax uses DSP control, which can get close to the servo operation performance in the low and medium speed section.

4. PLC-based control. The PIC programming output a certain number of square wave pulses, control the stepper motor angle, and thus control the servo mechanism feed, through the programming control pulse frequency to control the rotation speed of the motor, and then control the servo mechanism feed speed.

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