The difference between variable frequency motor and fixed frequency motor
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The difference between variable frequency motor and fixed frequency motor

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Variable frequency motor refers to the motor which runs continuously with 100% rated load in the range of 10%~100% rated speed under standard environmental conditions and whose temperature rise does not exceed the allowable value of the motor calibration.

With the rapid development of devices, AC speed regulation technology has been constantly improved and improved, gradually improved frequency converter with its good output waveform, excellent performance and price ratio has been widely used in AC machines. For example, the large motor used for steel rolling, the medium and small roller table motor, the traction motor for railway and urban rail transit, the elevator motor, the lifting motor for container lifting equipment, the motor for water pump and fan, the compressor, the motor for household appliances and so on all use AC frequency conversion speed regulating motor successively, and have achieved good results. The AC frequency conversion speed regulating motor has significant advantages over the DC speed regulating motor:

(1) Easy speed regulation, and energy saving.

(2) AC motor has the advantages of simple structure, small size, small inertia, low cost, easy maintenance and durability.

(3) Can expand the capacity to achieve high speed and high voltage operation.

(4) Can achieve soft start and fast braking.

(5) No spark, explosion-proof, strong adaptability to the environment.

Constant frequency motor

Fixed-frequency motors usually refer to the fixed frequency (50HZ) at which the motor operates on the power grid and cannot be used for frequency modulation. Because of the difference in the structure of the motor, such as the motor more than a heat dissipation fan.

The difference between washing machine variable frequency motor and fixed frequency motor

1, frequency conversion washing machine can adjust the motor washing and dehydration speed by adjusting the voltage, but also according to the type and texture of clothing to choose the right washing water flow, washing time, dehydration speed, dehydration time. Because the inverter washing machine adopts direct drive motor, it avoids the use of transmission belt and other transmission parts, which further reduces the failure rate of washing machine and greatly reduces the noise of motor. In addition, in the whole washing process, the application of frequency conversion technology can control the speed of the motor, which can not only save energy and electricity, but also reduce the damage to clothes, reducing the winding and wear of clothes.

2, Once the fixed-frequency washing machine starts to work, the speed of the motor will remain the same and keep turning until it is turned off. Continuous high-speed operation not only consumes electricity, but also causes great damage to clothing, which often causes knots. Because the fixed frequency washing machine program setting is simple, so the washing process is relatively simple, the price is low. Compared with ordinary fixed-frequency washing machines, frequency conversion washing machines are more expensive, but they are energy efficient and can bring users a greener and healthier laundry experience.

3, from the washing effect, there is progress is sure. Frequency conversion washing machine means that the motor used is frequency conversion, which is reflected in the washing machine that the speed of the drum is adjustable. For example, if you wash less clothes or are not too dirty, you can wash them with low speed. Of course, low speed consumes less electric energy. The motor used in traditional washing machines is fixed speed, that is to say, as long as you turn on the power, the motor will rotate at a certain speed, no matter how many clothes you wash with this speed, of course, the power consumption is also fixed. Therefore, frequency conversion should be relatively energy-saving.

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