Tips you must know in the application of stepper motors
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Tips you must know in the application of stepper motors

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1. Stepper motors are used in low-speed applications - no more than 1000 revolutions per minute, (6666 PPS at 0.9 degrees), preferably between 1000-3000 PPS (0.9 degrees). It can be made to work in this range by means of a reduction device when the motor is working efficiently and with low noise.

2. It is best not to use the whole step state of the stepper motor, the whole step state when the vibration is large.

3. Only motors with a nominal 12V voltage use 12V. The other motor voltage value is not the drive voltage volt value, according to the driver can choose the drive voltage (Suggestion: SL57 using DC 24V-36V, SL86 using DC 50V, SL110 using higher than DC 80V). Of course, 12 volts can be used in addition to 12 V constant voltage drive other drive power, but the temperature rise should be considered.

4. Large rotational inertia of the load should choose a large seat number motor.

5. Motors at higher speeds or large inertia loads, generally not in the working speed start. Instead, use the gradual increase in frequency to speed up, a motor does not lose a step. Two can reduce noise at the same time can improve the positioning accuracy of the stop.

6. High precision, should be through mechanical deceleration, and increase the motor speed. Or the use of a high fine fraction of the drive to solve can also be used 5 phase motor. However, its whole system is more expensive, with fewer manufacturers, and its elimination is a layman's talk.

7. the motor should not work in the vibration zone, if necessary can be solved by changing the voltage, and current or adding some damping.

8. motor in 600PPS (0.9 degrees) below the work, should use a small current, large inductance, and low voltage to drive.

9. The principle of choosing the motor first and then the drive should be followed.

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