Jiangsu Leili wins Changzhou Mayor Quality Award
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Jiangsu Leili wins Changzhou Mayor Quality Award

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According to the "Administrative Measures for the Quality Award of Changzhou Mayor", Jiangsu Leili Motor Co., Ltd. is in a fierce competition after the procedures of declaration and recommendation, qualification review, data review, on-site review, inquiry reply, comprehensive evaluation, review and publicity China Outstanding has been awarded the Changzhou Mayor Quality Award in 2019 by the People's Government of Changzhou.


The Changzhou Mayor Quality Award is the highest honor award established by the Changzhou Municipal People's Government in quality management. It is awarded to enterprises and institutions and their organizations that have implemented outstanding performance management and achieved significant economic and social benefits. The award is based on the "GB / T 19580-2012 Outstanding Performance Evaluation Criteria" as the main evaluation basis (the Outstanding Performance Management Model is an effective method / tool for comprehensive performance management that is widely recognized internationally). The winner is Changzhou Leading companies in the industry with management innovation, outstanding business performance and social contributions.

In the process of striving for the district and city quality awards, Jiangsu Leili has made steady progress and achieved new results every year. The company has been unanimously affirmed by the review experts in implementing transformation and upgrading, adhering to winning by quality, shaping the brand of the industry, driving continuous innovation, implementing intelligent manufacturing, and fulfilling social responsibility.

In the future, Rayleigh will continue to adhere to "ingenuity" and build an all-round "quality is life" and "irreplaceable" Rayleigh core competitiveness. Gradually upgrade from "traditional factor-driven" to "Rayleigh's innovation-driven" and fulfill the development mission of "promoting the progress of the motor industry with excellence and leadership"!


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