New generation power module and motor controller from Infineon reduce system cost, improve reliability and lower energy consumption
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New generation power module and motor controller from Infineon reduce system cost, improve reliability and lower energy consumption

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SINGAPORE, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Designers of Infineon's Home appliances applications such as washing machines, low-power fridge compressors, and industrial drives requiring high efficiency, or hair dryers, kitchen hoods, ceiling and air conditioner fans requiring smaller footprint, can now further reduce system cost and energy consumption while improving reliability.

CIPOS™ Tiny - the 3-phase inverter module is the newest generation of intelligent power module (IPM) with the highest power density for variable speed motor drives.

CIPOS™ Micro IM231 series - a family of 600 V rated IPM qualified for harsh humid environments, passing 1000 hours of high voltage, high temperature and high humidity reverse bias (HV H3TRB) stress testing best suited for power appliance motor drives in circulator hydronic pumps, drain pumps for washing machines and dishwashers.

iMOTION™ IMM100 series - the motor drive IC combining the motor controller IC and a 3-phase inverter stage in a single, highly compact 12 x 12 mm2 PQFN package enables BOM count and PCB size reduction, thus lowering system cost and R&D efforts. It features full hardware and software integration needed for BLDC motor drives of up to 80W without heatsink.

Both CIPOS Tiny CIPOS Micro IM231 series features the latest motor drive TRENCHSTOP™6 IGBT and optimized switching characteristics for higher efficiency and low EMI.

CIPOS IM231 series offers performance, ruggedness, protection, and ease of use. The anti shoot-through prevents spurious simultaneous turn on of high and low side IGBTs caused by malfunction of the microcontroller or external noise. The IPM can be implemented in applications with or without heatsink, pushing power up to 450 W. Above that, multiple markets ranging from 100 to 230 VAC can be addressed with the same IPM package and an identical PCB design for easy design-in.

The IMM100 series offers two optimized variants to best serve the needs of design engineers and achieve R&D cycle time reduction:

The T-variant features the highly sophisticated FOC algorithm integrated in the iMOTION MCE 2.0 (Motion Control Engine 2.0) to take advantage of the easy-to-use software tools for system configuration and tuning. It also complements system level functionalities using iMOTION scripting and, optionally, with PFC control.

The A-variant enables engineers to implement proprietary motor control software by utilizing the fully programmable integrated ARM® Cortex®-M0 MCU -- and still enjoy the benefits of complete hardware integration. In this case, the industry-standard ARM® MCU IDE tools support the software design process, compiling and debugging.

CIPOS Tiny is molded in a compact and fully isolated thermally enhanced 34 x 15 mm2 package. In addition, Tiny SIP and DIP form factors offer system mechanical design flexibility. It has an integrated high precision temperature monitor, over-current protection, and under-voltage lockout function offering a high system level protection and fail-safe operation. Using the newest single 3-phase level-shifting high voltage driver IC adds to highest efficiency and ruggedness. The gate driver is compatible down to 3.3 V controller outputs.

With 2 kV, CIPOS IM231 series offers the highest UL1557-certified isolation voltage in its class. The series comprises 4 A (IM231-M6S1B, IM231-M6T2B) and 6 A (IM231-L6S1B, IM231-L6T2B) offerings. For best fit, CIPOS Micro IM231 is offered in both, through-hole (THD) and surface mount (SMD) form factors. Built-in UL certified NTC thermistor, anti-shoot through and accurate over current protection with a high accuracy of +/-5 percent, and fault reporting features provide for a smarter system design.

The iMOTION IMM100 series of motor control ICs features three different MOSFET-based power stages: 500 V / 6 ohm, 600 V / 1.4 ohm and 600 V / 0.95 ohm to best match designers' performance and cost targets. These devices also offer flexible sensing options by supporting single-shunt or leg-shunt topologies (sensorless option), as well as supporting Hall sensors. Additionally, the IMM100 integrate multiple protection features, e.g. under-/over-voltage protection, over-current protection, rotor lock and shoot-through protection.

The CIPOS Micro IM231 series is now available. More information is available at

Samples and evaluation boards for the iMOTION IMM100 will be available from April 2019; the release to production is planned for May 2019. More information is available at

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