Which types of stepper motors can be classified
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Which types of stepper motors can be classified

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Choosing the right stepper motor allows it to be installed properly and ensures that it meets the functional requirements so that it can be used properly. Choosing the right motor is therefore the first step towards its optimal application. And from the motor selection aspect, it is necessary for everyone to understand the following three basic types in order to make a good motor selection according to the actual needs.

1.Electromagnetically stepper motor

This kind of step motor is structurally composed of iron core, coil, gear mechanism and so on. The main feature of this kind of electric is that it can realize continuous starting and stepping under the control of unipolar electric pulse, and the motor rotates one step each when it is energized and de-energized.

2.Magnetic stepper motor

This kind of step motor, and is divided into permanent magnet type, reaction type and permanent magnet inductor three different forms. The said permanent magnet stepper motor consists of four-phase winding, using the direction of coil current to generate a magnetic field and rotor magnetic field to repel each other, thus making the motor forward/reverse, which has wide application in computer peripherals, valve control, CNC machine tools and other fields.

3.Linear stepper motor

This kind of step motor, there are two kinds of reaction type and Sawyer type. Sawyer type motor is composed of static part and moving part, the former is called reaction plate, the latter is called moving sub. The reaction plate is a soft magnetic material with uniform grooves and teeth, and the kinematic consists of two magnetic poles with coils. The plate is made of a soft magnetic material with evenly spaced teeth and grooves on it. The kinetic of the motor consists of a permanent magnet and two A and B.

There are three main basic types of stepper motors: electric chamber, magneto-electric and linear, but these three basic types of motor can be divided into different categories. Therefore, when selecting a motor, in addition to understanding these basic types, it is best to also have a general breakdown of their various types.

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