Geared stepper motor VS Hybrid stepper motor VS PM stepper motor
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Geared stepper motor VS Hybrid stepper motor VS PM stepper motor

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Geared stepper motor:


A geared stepper motor is a standard stepper motor with an output shaft connected to a gear box. The gearbox provides high torque and low speed output through reduction gear transmission.


Provides high torque, low speed and precise positioning. With a reduction gear drive, higher output torque can be achieved for applications requiring precise position control and larger loads.


•Robotics: Micro geared stepper motor is often used in robot joints and actuators. Since the robot requires precise position control and stable motion, these motors provide high torque through gearing to cope with mechanical loads while maintaining precise stepping resolution for accurate attitude and motion control.

•Numerical Control Machine tools (CNC) : In CNC machine tools, gear-type stepper motors are used to control the position of tool tools, tables, and other moving parts. They provide enough torque to handle cutting and machining operations, and they ensure that the workpiece remains in a precise position during machining.

•Conveyor systems: In automated conveyor systems, stepper motor with gear box can be used to control the movement and stopping of conveyor belts, as well as to position objects when needed. Since delivery systems often require precise object positioning and fast stop/start operations, the high torque characteristics of these motors are very valuable in these applications.

•Medical devices: Stepper gearbox has a wide range of applications in medical devices, such as motion control for X-ray robotic arms, joint control for surgical robots, and precision positioning tasks in drug distribution devices.

•Laser cutting and engraving machines: In equipment where laser tools need to be precisely positioned for cutting and engraving, geared stepper motors can provide the precise control required to ensure high-quality cutting and engraving results.

Geared stepper motor

Hybrid stepper motor

PM Stepper Motor

Hybrid stepper motor:


The hybrid stepper motor combines the two principles of permanent magnet and variable reluctance. The rotor usually consists of a permanent magnet and a winding on the stator.


Delivers high torque and speed performance, as well as relatively high step resolution. More flexible than permanent magnet stepper motors for applications where torque, speed and precision need to be balanced.


•Numerical Control Machine tools (CNC) : In CNC machines, hybrid servo stepper motor is used to control the position of the tool and the table. Because these motors can provide high-precision position control and smooth motion, they are essential for the control of machining processes such as engraving, cutting, milling, etc.

•Medical equipment: Hybrid type stepper motor plays a key role in medical equipment, such as moving parts in medical imaging equipment, positioning of drug distribution equipment, joint control of surgical robots, etc. In these applications, high-precision and reliable motion control is essential for patient safety and therapeutic outcomes.

•Automation and robotics: In the field of industrial automation and robotics, hybrid synchronous stepper is often used in robot joints and actuators, as well as in automation systems that require highly precise control. These motors offer good dynamic performance and positioning accuracy.

•Experimental equipment and scientific research instruments: In scientific research and experimental equipment, the need for high-precision motion control is very common. Hybrid stepper motors are used for sample movement and adjustment in equipment such as microscope platforms and experimental platforms for various tests and observations.

•Precision instruments and optical equipment: High-precision position control is essential to the performance of precision instruments and optical equipment. Hybrid stepper motors are used in telescopes, laser equipment, spectrometers and other equipment to ensure stable movement and accurate positioning of the equipment.

•3D printing and rapid prototyping: In the field of 3D printing and rapid prototyping, hybrid stepper motors are used to control the position of print heads and tables to enable complex printing and manufacturing processes.

Permanent magnet stepper motor:


PM stepper motor has a permanent magnet on the rotor and an electromagnetic coil on the stator. When energized, the electromagnetic coil generates a magnetic field that interacts with the permanent magnet on the rotor, which drives the stepping motion.


Relatively simple and low cost, suitable for applications requiring moderate torque and low speeds. However, performance may be limited at high speeds and high loads.


•Printers and plotters: Permanent magnet stepper motors are often used in printers and plotters to control the position of the print head. These motors provide enough precision to ensure fine print or drawing while being suitable for relatively low speed and load requirements.

•Automation small tasks: In some small automation tasks, such as automatic doors, vending machines, automatic display stands, etc., permanent magnet stepper motors can provide moderate positioning control and motion functions.

•Household appliances: Permanent stepper motor is widely used in some household appliances, such as the rotating plate of a microwave oven, the washing bucket control of a washing machine, and the bread rack rise in a toaster.

•Medical equipment: In some medical equipment requiring lower costs, permanent magnet type stepper motor can be used to control the moving parts of medical equipment, such as bed position adjustment, drug distribution devices, etc.

•Mechanical instruments: In some medium-precision mechanical instruments, such as test equipment, small machine tools, etc., permanent magnet stepper motors can provide sufficient positioning accuracy and motion control.

•Small robots: In some small robots that require simple position control, permanent magnet stepper motors can provide basic motion control capabilities.

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