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PM Stepping Motor 42BY412

Product Introduction
The rotor of the Leili PM stepping motor uses permanent magnetic materials. The PM stepping motor’s continuous operation follows the principle that the same poles repel and different poles attract between the rotor and the stator. It is generally an inner rotor type motor, and the N and S poles are evenly distributed on the outer surface of the cylindrical rotor (The outer surface is toothless). PM stepping motors are usually two-phase, with small torque and volume.
Industry: printer, valve control
Optional parts
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Performance parameter

motor model Step angle Excitation method Drive way Voltage Current / phase Coil resistance / phase Self-positioning torque Self-positioning torque Holding torque noise Working temperature
(°) (VDC) (mA) (Ω) (mN.m) (mN·m) (Ω) (A) (℃)
42BY412 7.5 2-2
24 / 9 25.48 ≥ 170 AC 500 [V] ≤ 50 -10 ~ 50
Phase Bipolar 1 [min] (No strange sound)

Mechanical dimension

PM Stepping Motor 42BY412


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