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Brushless DC Motor Switched Reluctance Motor

Product Introduction
Switched reluctance motor has a wide speed range, high overall efficiency at low speed, medium speed, and high speed; low current and high torque start, suitable for load start; suitable for frequent start-stop, commutation; simple structure, no permanent magnet, long life, suitable for dust And high temperature conditions.
Industry: Garden tools, industrial machinery
Home appliances: wall breaking machine
Optional parts
Warm reminder:
The following product parameters are standard products, our company can do product design, development and production according to the special needs of customers. For more information, please contact marketing@leiligroup.com.

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  • 230 

  • 2000-30000 

Performance Parameter

Model Phase Pole RatedVoltage (V) Rated Speed (RPM) RatedTorque (N·m) Rated Power (W) No-loadSpeed (RPM) Insuiation Class Noise dB(A)
SR8035 3 6/4 58 18000 0.36 670 24000 F 55
SR8050 3 6/4 220 24000 0.72 1800 32000 F 55
SR8027 2 6/4 220 34000 0.22 800 41000 F 58
SR9527 2 6/4 220 28000 0.53 1550 31000 F 58

Mechanical dimension

Switched reluctance motor



Product Recommendation

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