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30 Series Hollow Cup Motor

Product Introduction
The 30mm hollow cup motor is optimized to ensure the best price/performance ratio.
Thanks to the lack of slots and its compact structure, we get smoother high and low speed branches, more precise control, and higher efficiency and power density.
Widely used in intelligent home appliances, medical pumps, surgical instruments and other fields.
 Product Application
Optional parts
Warm reminder:
The following product parameters are standard products, our company can do product design, development and production according to the special needs of customers. For more information, please contact marketing@leiligroup.com.

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Performance parameter


Motor type
Number of poles - 2
Phase resistance Ω 0.5
Phase inductance mH 0.05
Winding connection - Star
Insulation class - B
Working system - S1
Feedback mode - Hall element
Commutation Angle - 120°
Insulation strength - 500VAC/1KHz/1mA/1s
Insulation resistance - 100 MΩ/500VDC
Weight g 230
Rated voltage V 24
Rated power W 65
Rated torque mN·m 90
Rated speed RPM 6900
Rated current A 3.85
No-load speed RPM 9200
No-load current A 0.3
Motor efficiency % 86


(Ambient noise 20dB, test distance 1m)

dB <50
Housing - Ambient thermal resistance (no load) K/W 0.31
Thermal time constant of motor S 1200
Ambient temperature 23
Maximum winding temperature (no load) 43.2
Torque constant mNm/A 23.38
Back electromotive force constant - peak value V/Krpm 3.46
Back electromotive force constant - effective value V/Krpm 2.45
Peak torque mN·m 1122.08
Peak current A 48
Moment of inertia g·cm² 28
Mechanical time constant ms 2.56
End cover - Stainless steel
Bearing - Deep gutter ball
Magnet - Sintered NdFeB
Pivot - Carbon steel



Mechanical dimension

30 series hollow cup motor


Product Recommendation

Address: No. 19 Qianjiatang Road, Wujin District,Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Telephone exchange: 0519-88770606
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