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DC Brush Motor N20

Product Introduction
A brushed DC motor is a DC motor, assembling main magnetic pole and brush on the stator and assembling the winding coil and commutator assembled on the rotor. The electric energy from the dc power supply enters the armature winding through the brush and commutator, generating the armature current. The magnetic field generated by the armature current interacts with the main magnetic field to generate the electromagnetic torque, making the motor rotate to drive the load.
Automobile: Vehicle fragrance system
Optional parts
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The following product parameters are standard products, our company can do product design, development and production according to the special needs of customers. For more information, please contact marketing@leiligroup.com.

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Performance parameter

Rated voltage No-load speed No-load current Stall current Stalling torque Withstand voltage Insulation resistance Movement amount Reduction ratio
(V) (RPM) (mA) (mA) (N·m) Leakage current is less than 2mA (mm)
12 230 ≤ 0.07 ≤ 1.2 ≥ 78 ★No breakdown or flashover ≥ 10 0.00~0.3 0.111111111

Mechanical dimension

DC Brush Motor N20


Product Recommendation

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